AtaraPay | Buy and Sell Anywhere with Zero Risk

Whether you’re buying or selling an old phone or a new vehicle, keep your transaction safe, simple and affordable.

AtaraPay is a neutral third party powered by CBN-Licensed banks to verify and hold the buyer’s money until the seller makes the promised delivery. Only after inspecting the delivery does the buyer agree to release the funds to the seller.

The first and only online escrow service with a patented technology in Nigeria that provides real-time accept or reject option at point of delivery via mobile.

Enable escrow payments on your website

Enable escrow payments for your Services and Social Media Sales

Buy And Sell Offline
at Zero Risk

Do you desire to pay for service but not sure about the credibility of the seller?

Do you prefer cash upfront for your service but don't have a website?

Do you sell high value products and services like lands, cars, luxury goods, etc. but struggle with first time buyers who don't trust you?

Do you desire to pay for service but not sure about the quality?

What is Escrow?

‘Escrow’ refers to money held by a trusted third-party on behalf of the buyer and seller. The money is released to the seller only after all the terms of a transaction have been met....more

AtaraPay eliminates your risk and increases your value by acting as a neutral
third-party to secure the transaction for everyone involved. This means you have the confidence to buy and sell
with anyone, anywhere – with virtually zero risk.

One of the most important elements of any successful transaction is confidence and peace of mind between the people involved. In the online marketplace, obtaining this is not always easy. That’s why it’s critical to have a AtaraPay to facilitate a mutually beneficial transaction.

AtaraPay provides this confidence, and you have peace of mind knowing that your transaction has verifiable legitimacy for the buyer and the seller.

Who is AtaraPay for?

Business to
Consumer (B2C)
Websites & Markets
Person to Person
Service Industry
Business to
Business (B2B)

For Buyers

  • You're guaranteed to inspect the product or service before releasing your money to the seller.
  • You get real time notifications of your delivery
  • Buyer's funds are totally protected
  • Verify before you buy

For Sellers

  • Registration for the service is totally free of charges.
  • Confirmation that the funds are available and guaranteed before you part with your product or service.
  • No more vulnerable COD (Cash on Delivery). Set your own delivery terms.
  • Get risk-free payment for almost every product and service.

For eCommerce and Online Marketplaces

  • Enable secure transactions between buyers and sellers in your eCommerce marketplace.
  • Mitigate your risk and increase your profitability by simply integrating for free
  • Grow your marketplace exponentially by providing a secure venue for transactions anywhere they occur.

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